• There will be no miracles – to succeed you will have to work a lot. teacher Dan is extremely motivating and will press on you for the best result. However, it will be done in a very structured way and in line with your personal ENGLISH level and respectivelly to your weaknesses.

    Audrius, bank employee.

  • I did not believe that studying individually would be effective, but after trying my individual course with teacher Dan I had great results in few months. I am glad I have joined Dan lessons!

    Toma,graduate, employee.

  • i studied ENGLISH at school and in group courses with no result. Choosing to study with the individual teacher Dan helped me to a much better result in shorter time. I advise people not to waste their energy,time and money but studying one professional individual course would be successful.

    Renata, university graguate,student, airport employee.

  • My decision to improve my language skills and speaking abilities at this studio was great as he is a very good teacher, able to transfer you his knowledge in an interesting and inspiring way to be perfect… I would advise people to learn too with this competent, motivating, friendly and nice personality teacher.

    Ramune (master degree in law)

  • Be prepare for a different way of learning ENGLISH. The Individual lessons improving my current knowledge by the teacher‘s experience. Quick result, because after 3 months. I started to hear the words and understand the essence of the texts. The English language individual course at teacher Dan studio can be summarized as follows: intensive learning and language mastering. No miracles however, The knowledge obtained from studying, especially in grammar, gives you confidence. this should be used later in more practice and permanent development.


  • I love FRENCH language. I studied a bit at school and tried a group course but could not speak or pronounce correctly or express myself. With the help of teacher Dan working together with a lot of reading, pronunciation and structures which helped me. I also gradually obtained confidence in saying what I want with much listening and speaking practices..It is really fun and resultful individual course..

    Rasa, student.

  • I joined this English language course in MOKYTI.LT because:
    - Full language experience when instructed only in english rather than in lithuanian.
    - Much better to study and get the knowledge from this specialist teacher.

    Valdemar, business man.

  • My son has been attending English lessons with the teacher Dan for a year. I found how he is perfectly improving his language and even able to correct my mistakes. English was not a barrier between my son and the teacher. I am sure it is a possitive investment for my son‘s future.

    Matas, school student 5th class