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- Teach students of Classes 1 to12(with reduced prices) 
Price for the individual 30Lt/hour. Possible group of 2/3 students together. A Qualified teacher,experienced in teaching. For an additional fee the teacher can come to your home. WWW.MOKYTI.LT 

- English, French, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, History individual Lessons for classes 1 to12,solving the school homework together .. 

((Is your child at school not succeeding in English? Experienced qualified teacher will help with the students homework preparation, fill in the gaps, will teach regular reading and pronunciation for Different levels of 1-12 classes. Interactive training, the latest books. Lessons duration of 90min, the price is discounted)) 
MOKYTI.LT ADDRESS:center Vilnius, Contact Phone: +37067619129, +37067094747

- English, French, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, History Lessons for classes 1-12,we will solve the homework together,with preparation for controls and tests.(After a few lessons learn the correct grammar tenses, speak about various topics. We can begin to prepare for exams in advance to discuss all the issues that may eventually occur during the exam. Qualified teacher,long teaching experience. For an additional charge may come to your house. 

- teach university students, and all exam preparations (TOEFL and IELTS ,ext..) 

- After completion of course certificates are issued. 

Address: center of Vilnius, 
MORE INFORMATION contact: Tel. +37067619129, +37067094747 
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